Whitefriars College

Whitefriars College

CRICOS Provider Number : 01680G

Address : 156 Park Road, Donvale, Victoria, Australia 3111

Website : www.whitefriars.vic.edu.au

Philosophy – Special Features, Brief history

Whitefriars College is an all boys’ college founded in 1961. It is a Catholic college for boys aimed to develop a real sense of belonging, strengthened by positive interaction between teachers and peers. Whitefirars is the only Carmelite College in Australia and it is one of the largest Catholic Secondary College in Melbourne. The school highly believes that success is not merely based on education but is based on relationships built between one another through compassion and support. One of the school’s main aspects is to encourage all students to become a leader. The school has established a Leadership Programme for students in Year 10 and 11 to allow students to practice and show their individual leadership skills. Classmates get to vote a leader for each House (House Captains) and the leader of each House has the responsibility to represent each House and provide comments to the School Board.

Entry Requirements for Overseas Students

Students are required to present their most recent transcript and AEAS results.

Intensive English / ESL Support

Whitefriars College provides English language classes for those who do not speak English as their primary language. There will be ESL classes for students in Year 9 – 12 with on-site staff to help all international students. Students can also take extra English classes outside of the student’s regular class schedule or seek one-on-one help from staff.

 Curriculum & Qualifications

Students are encouraged to discover their discipline of interest at the college. The college provides many options for students to choose: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Humanities, Performing Arts, Design, Physics and Theology and more. Additionally, the school provides outdoor educational activities such as field trips, sporting events, concerts, theatre and more for students to participate in. The school features state-of-the-art facilities to aid teachers in teaching. Additionally, the school has a large computer lab for students interested in learning more about Information Technology. The school provides high-speed internet connections for students to use for their school work and developed its very own network to support the school.

Support Services for International Students

Whitefriars College provides dedicated staff to assist international students whether it’s dealing with academia or planning for university; there will be staff to guide students to the fullest. In addition, the school provides extensive teaching materials and facilities to help students with their homework and coursework. Facilities include a large library, computer labs, theatres, rehearsal rooms, laboratories and a dark room for image printing. During their academic year, students will be guided along the way to ensure every student will learn something new and use this knowledge in their academic journey ahead.


Whitefriars College provides homestay services, hand-picked by the college’s staff.