Victorian Government Schools

Victorian Government Schools

CRICOS Provider Number : 00861K

Address : GPO Box 4367 Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3001

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School Type : Co-educational school

Philosophy – Special Features, Brief history

Victorian Government Schools are schools with high academic standards and a reputation for their unmatched, academic excellence and extensive curriculum. Victorian Government Schools promote multiculturalism and the school encourages students to exchange each other’s cultural values and traditions. These schools promote students to work together by participating in recreational activities and building relationships with one another. There are over 100 schools to choose from and each school possesses its very own standard of education. Parents can ensure each student will receive the best education provided by each school respectively. Classes are small and concise, allowing students’ maximum exposure and assistance from the teachers.

Curriculum and Qualifications

Victorian Government Schools offer courses under the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) which provides a wide spectrum of academic subjects for students to choose from. In Year 12, students have the option to choose over 70 subjects to take according to their interests. Each school provides different subjects and students can consult with the school staff in choosing the subjects best suited to their needs and expectations.

English Language Support

Victorian Government School offers Intensive English Language Programmes, especially designed to improve a student’s concentration, communication, and reading plus written skills.

Pathways to University

Students can submit their VCE scores to the universities in Victoria and other Australian states or universities around the world. Accommodation Students will be staying with homestay families. Living with an Australian family is an excellent way to develop and improve their spoken English skills. Living with homestay families provide additional benefits as it is also cost effective while gathering knowledge of Australia and its peoples.

Support Services for International students

International students will be closely supervised and monitored by staff to ensure students are well cared for. Staff will be responsible for the student’s immigration documents, health and overall well-being.