South Australian Government Schools

South Australian Government Schools

Cricos Provider Number :  00018A

Address : Adelaide SA 5000

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South Australian Government Schools have been recognized by many institutions around the world in providing outstanding education, welfare including counselling and guidance services.


Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, surrounded in nature and attractive beaches. The city is quite modernized, contrasting to other cities in Australia as the city provides the utmost convenience in regards to living and studying there. Adelaide is the ideal city for international students looking for experiencing something new altogether.

Curriculum & Qualifications

Each school in South Australia varies according to the number of subjects and electives provided. However, most schools will have core subjects: Maths, Science, Arts, Technology, Design, Language, Social Studies and so forth. Students in Year 11 and Year 12 will have the option to choose the subjects according to their interest and talents.

English Language Support

The schools provide intensive English courses for international students aimed at enhancing their English skills (reading, writing and conversing). The staff is dedicated to ensuring each student will be well-equipped and prepared to tackle subjects with ease. Students will also have the option to enrol in additional extra English courses as well.

Entry requirement

Students are required to present their academic records in English, reflecting the student’s academic performance during the last 2 years of study. Additionally, students must demonstrate their proficiency in English for the school to determine the suitable grade to enrol the student in. However, in the case the student does not meet the school’s English requirement; the student must enrol in additional (and intensive) English classes to fulfil the English criteria set by the school.

Support Services for International Students

The South Australian Government Schools provide English language courses for international students, as well as academic and career advising. There are teachers who speak more than one language at the schools to ensure the student can easily communicate with the staff members. Additionally, the school has a buddy system where the school teams the international student with a local student in aims of helping the international student be accustomed to the school system and life in Australia.