Eltham College

CRICOS Provider Number :  00138D

Address : PO Box 40, Eltham Post Office, Eltham, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3754

Website : www.Elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

School Type : Co-educational


Eltham College is a private, coeducational school accepting students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The school is recognized for its outstanding curriculum and subjects throughout Australia. Students that graduate from the school receive rich information and practical knowledge to be used to enter university and their future careers.


Eltham College has two campuses; the main campus is located in the Research district (Main Rd) which is 45 minutes away from the centre of Melbourne. The other campus is located on King Street, which is only open to students from Year 9 onwards.

Curriculum Qualification

The school is committed to teaching courses that reflect the needs of the student within a positive and encouraging environment. Eltham College guarantees students will find success in university with the aid of the school’s guidance and outstanding curriculums. Thus, allowing students to create and organize their own learning styles in accordance with taking VCE courses.

Pathways to Schools

English Pathways is a unique class offered by ELTHAM College which allows students to consolidate English language on the school campus. This extra English language support will assist students to settle into classes more quickly

Academic Achievement / Other Notable Achievements

In 2011 – 2012, more than 99% of graduates successfully enrolled in to leading Australian universities.


Eltham College arranges homestay accommodations for international students, ensuring the students can live comfortably off-campus and go to school with relative ease.

Support Service for International students

International students will receive unconditional support from the school staff by supplying students with counselling services and keeping in touch with parents or guardians as well.