I was very excited for the chance to go study abroad but at the same time I was also worried about many things. However, once I’ got to the school and stared studying it’s not as scary as I thought.

Name: Katerada Mekanthong Nickname: Lukked

Grade: Year 9 School name: Avalon College


Questions about education system and living condition

  1. How did you prepare yourself?
    I try to find information about Australia including education system, weather, culture and schools so it can help me decide which school to choose.
  1. How did you feel when you knew you were going to study abroad?
    I was very excited to go study abroad but was also worried about many things especially being home sick as I was also lived with my parents, never in boarding school or traveled alone. I’m also worries about their academic and finding new friends as I’m scared i will not understand what the teacher is saying, but when I starting studying it’s not what I thought at all because friends and teachers are very friendly and are always giving advice and help me.
  1. Why did you decide to go study abroad?
    I wanted to go study abroad because it will be a new experience and study in a different education system.
  2. Why did you choose to go Australia?
    I want to go study in Australia because it’s it has good living environment with many interesting attractions as well as good weather and safety. The reason I chose Australia is also because I want to continue my university education in Australia.
  3. How did you choose the school?
    Factors which I consider when choosing school are school’s ranking, less number of Thai students in the school because I want to practice my English skills.
  1. How is the Culture and Living standard in Australia?
    Culture is Australia is very different from Thailand whether it’s language, food or art. However, People in Australia are very friendly, nice and they always smile and greet you even though you don’t know each other.
  1. What adjustment did you make to settle in with the culture and people in Australia?
    In the beginning, I had to adjust with a lot of things especially language as now I have to speak in English all the time. I also adjusted in terms of food and friends, I try to open up and accept new friends so I can get along with everyone. If I face any problems, I would ask advice from teacher, school staff, guardian or my parents.
  1. How are friends and school environment?
    Avalon School is located near the Coast, distance from the city with beautiful atmosphere, quiet and peaceful suitable for studying. The school has designed the entrance in the way that it’s a long path with trees on both side so students can do their jogging exercise. They also have sport field for students to do sport and there activities. Friends at school are very nice and friendly, they also help me with my problems and always try and make conversation with me.
  1. Is their academic difficult?
    In the beginning, I feel like the studies is very difficult because it was all in English and I came from Thai school which uses only Thai language. But as time goes by, I adjust and became use to it which make me understand more.
  1. Are the teachers friendly and helpful to you?
    The teachers are very kind and their teaching methods are very fun and easy to understand. When I don’t understand something or have any problems, teachers are always happy to help me.
  1. What other curriculum activities does the school provide and how often?
    The school has after school activity since xxxx – xxxx. On Monday it will be game based activities and Tuesday – Thursday will be sport activities such as hockey, netball, basketball, soccer, AFL and long run.


Questions about Accommodation

  1. How is the Boarding house?
    The boarding environment is very good, it’s divided into 2 section for boys and girls. The girls section has a total of 7 bedrooms, with 4 students in a room, shared toilets and shower rooms as there’s only 3 bathroom.
  1. How is the security system in Boarding House?
    The security system is excellent because every exit door has a censor, so if you open the door at night the alarm will go off. There’s also intercom telephone for calling staff during emergency time.


Other Questions

  1. How is Australian Education system different from Thai Education system?
    The education system is very different, as in Thailand they focus on theory based with lots of classes and homework. But in Australia they have varies of teaching methods and encourage students to learn outside the classroom such as excursion and other activities alongside with curriculum studies.
  1. During your free time, what do you do on your holiday?
    During Saturday and Sunday, the school take me to do activities in Geelong or Melbourne, including shopping, skating, bowling, rock climbing or movies.
  1. Do you feel homesick? How do you communicate with your parents?
    I don’t feel very home sick because the school involves me in a lot of activities and the studies are difficult too. Usually I would talk to my parents 2 – 3 times a week via phone call or video call.
  1. What did you get from studying in Australia?
    I learnt a lot of things from studying in Australia especially the language and being independent. I feel that boarding school teaches us to depend on ourselves and studying here help a lot with my English language as I have to use English in my everyday communication.
  1. Do you have anything to say or recommend to any who is thinking about going to study Abroad?
    I want to tell everyone who are interested in studying abroad that even though you have to change and adapt many things in your life but it will make you become more independent and get new experience that you can never get in Thailand.
  1. What’s your life moto?
    My secret is to focus on your study, pay attention in classroom and always do your homework. However, don’t study too hard because it will make you stress so find time to do other activities as well.