Western Australia Government School

Western Australia Government School

Cricos Provider Number : 01723A
Address : Level 2, 123 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004
Website : www.eti.wa.edu.au
School Type : Co – Educational Schools

Philosophy – Special Features, Brief history

Schools in Western Australia provide students with a large range of elementary and high schools, each possessing a large and healthy local and international student population. Each school’s mission is centred on promoting student learning and enabling students to practice self-reliance and to effectively solve problems independently and in a group environment. Students gain the flexibility of choosing an array of subjects to according to their interests; dance, music, art and design are some of the many courses offered by schools in WA.


Perth is considered a very safe city to live and study in Western Australia. There is a healthy international community in Perth, making the city filled with different cultures and traditions from around the globe.


Students living in Perth will be able to live with their parents or relatives. For students in Secondary Schools, the Australian Government will provide a Homestay service.

Entry requirements for overseas students

Entry Requirements differ from school to school for international students. Schools in Western Australia will accept international students based on their English performance and testing results.

Support Services for International students

Each school in Western Australia has an International Student coordinator, a role issued to a specialized staff whose sole responsibility is to take care of the student. The coordinator will be in constant communication with the student and parents, discussing any problems or concerns the student may encounter.

Pathways to University

There are 4 ways students can enter university:

  • Year 12 graduates who successfully completed their final exams can use their ENTER Scores from Tertiary Entrance Examinations (TEE) and apply to any college or university.
  • Year 11 students can choose the University Foundation Program at Tuart College or Canning College, in aid students to prepare for university.
  • Students will be able to enrol into Edith Cowan University in presenting their portfolios in Year 11 and Year 12.
  • Students in Year 11 and Year 12 can use their results to apply for a Vocational Certificate. Once students receive their Vocational Certificate, they can enrol into university and continue their undergraduate career.

Curriculum & Qualifications

In Year 7 to Year 10, the courses are divided into 8 disciplines: Mathematics, Science, English, Arts, Computer Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Health and Languages. Students in Year 11 and Year 12 will be able to choose any subject according to their interest.

Academic Achievement / Other Notable Achievements

Each year, the students in WA schools have shown and maintained high test scores in TEE. Many of those who graduated from the schools continued onwards to become famous politicians, writers, scientists, artists and famous athletes including a highly successful businessman.