Scots PGC College

Location – 60 Oxenham Street Warwick, Queensland 4370

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Philosophy – Special Features, Brief History

Scots PGC College is a fast-growing boarding school located in Warwick, Queensland. The school was founded in 1918 and has built a reputation as a broad and profound educator. Since 1918, the school has been established for producing quality alumni which is a result from the school’s excellent curriculum. We are a Christian school but we welcome students from all religions. The school have a 1,000-acre land area which is a great advantage for boys and girls to prove themselves and work together in a group under challenging environment. Scot PGC is known as a boarding school with high number of students’ all over Australia and abroad, who are interested in being part of our school. The school accepts students from Year 4 onwards in our boarding house.

Term Dates

We divide our academic year into 4 terms, which are:

  • Term 1: January – April
  • Term 2: April – June
  • Term 3: July – September
  • Term 4: October – November