Harrogate Ladies’ College

Harrogate Ladies’ College

Address – Clarence Drive, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 2QG, United Kingdom

Website – www.hlc.org.uk

School Type – Girls-only (with optional boarding)


Harrogate Ladies’ College was founded in 1893 as an all-girl school with an extensive history in academic excellence, sports, music and the arts. In 2010, the school was ranked the best of all of the school sin England for A-Level. Currently, there are 340 students enrolled from 20 different countries around the world. More than half of the student in Year 7 to Year 13 stays at hostels. Year 13 students stay at a more independent hostel called the Tower House which has a large relaxation area and modern kitchen and private bedrooms for each student. Each villa would also have a teacher and an assistant who heads the living quarters and closely overseas the well-being of the students. There are also 4 nurses permanently stationed to care for students’ health.

Curriculum and Qualifications

There are currently 22 GCSE subjects offered and 28 A-Level subjects. The school was awarded in 2012 in recognition for its excellence in the School of Accounting, Economics and Psychology. For every subject, the school has facilities to support students’ learning such as a design and technology room, science labs, music rooms, sport centers and a swimming pool.


The school is located in Harrogate and covers nearly 70 acres of land. Students could easily travel to the school by train or car. Manchester Airport is about 90 minutes away and London is less than 3 hours away by train. The school has a friendly community in its surrounding area and students are ensured safety among friendly people in the community.