Gippsland Grammar School

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Address : Princes Highway, Sale, 3850

Philosophy : Special Features, Brief History

Gippsland Grammar School is a coeducational Anglican school was founded in 1971 from the merging of two schools; St. Anne’s Church of England Girls’ Grammar School and Gippsland Grammar School. The school was one of the first schools to be established in the state of Victoria. Presently, the school accepts students from Kindergarten through high school; age 3 to Year 12. Students can board from middle school onwards.

The school is focused on developing each student’s unique skills in academia, health, personal and social spheres under Christian guidance to become valuable members of society. The school has a special program for students in Year 9 to help them effectively prepare for high school

Students in Year 10 are required to take core subjects and will have the option to choose electives of their interest. Subjects offered by the school aim to provide an important foundation for students to prepare for the future onwards.
Subjects include:

  • Drama 1 และ 2
  • Mathematical Methods 1 และ 2
  • Music 1 และ 2
  • Information Technology 1 และ 2
  • Business Management 1 และ 2
  • History 1 และ 2
  • Geography 1 และ 2

Students in Year 11 and 12 can choose from a wide range of VCE subjects and VET subjects taught by the school’s expert teachers.

Academic Achievement

In 2013, students scored an average score of 76.06 and 27.5% of students scored ATAR over 90%, positioning the students from the school in the Top 10 scorers of the state of Victoria. The curriculum taught by Gippsland Grammar School is based on the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). However, the school adapts the subjects to suit the interests and needs of all students by providing the basic foundation for each student. These subjects include Mathematics, Languages, Social Studies and IT. The courses aim to develop the student’s talents and abilities from an early age and additionally, to create a strong bond between teachers and students. High school students are expected to follow the school’s curriculums closely and uphold their individual responsibilities at the school. There are special programmes at the school to help the student identify and build up his or her own special talent. Additionally, the school collaborates with Monash University in a special programme aimed at students with exceptional grades. Students meeting this criterion will be included in the project and continue their studies at Monash University after graduation.


Students will be boarding at the Blackwood House, which is a modern and spacious dormitory separating the boys and girls. Each dorm has an on-site staff and tutor to help students with their studies in the evening and on weekends. Each dormitory is equipped with a lounge area, recreation room and a living room.

Gippsland Grammar School Curriculum

There are a variety of course choices for students including:

  • Performing Arts (Music and Acting)
  • Off-site Studying
  • Sports (The school provides students with a modern indoor sports centre and heated swimming pool)