Firbank Grammar School

CRICOS Provider number : 00140K

Address :  51 Outer Crescent, Brighton, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3186

Website :

School Type : Girls, Boarding school


Firbank Grammar School was founded in 1909, established as an all girls’ boarding school. The school’s mission is, “To provide all our students with an outstanding education, one that prepares them for the journey beyond school.” The students from the school will develop a strong foundation in leadership and recognize the importance of discipline in teamwork. Firbank Grammar School offers students with a variety of courses in sports, arts, music, dance, science and so forth. The school is recognized as the only school in Australia to use Interactive Whiteboards in the classrooms. Firbank Grammar School is equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities. School facilities include a large lecture theatre, library, music room, science labs, swimming pool, and fitness centre and a multitude of sports fields.


Located in Outer Crescent, a city not far from Melbourne, students can easily travel to and from the school via by bus or train.

Academic Achievement / Other Notable Achievements

Students from the school achieved outstanding scores, placing Firbank Grammar School in the Top 10 private schools in Victoria to accomplish high VCE scores. Additionally, 37% of the students achieved more than 95 points in ATAR.

Curriculum and Qualifications

Firbank Grammar School’s curriculum is designed to teaching and effectively guides students to strive to success. The school sets high academic standards for the student body to follow and in doing so; the staffs provide limitless support to ensure all students meet their full potentials. In high school, students have the opportunity to choose from over 35 courses that allow students to discover their hidden talents, interests and potentials. The school also provides VCE and VET courses as well.


Accommodation-wise, the school provides students with dorms and students will have the option to board alone or share the room. The dorms are situated on campus grounds provided with maximum security and on-site staff and teachers to assist students.

English Language Support

International students are required to attend ESL classes to receive assistance from staff to help develop their oral and written skills.