Bellerbys College

Bellerbys College

Address – Brighton, London, Oxford และ Cambridge

Website –

Type of School – Cooperative Education (with optional boarding)


Bellerbys College was founded in 1959 and is dedicated to preparing students for university. The school has been ranked by the Financial Times as the number one school in the UK in the past year as a result of the number of diversified courses open to students from around the world. The school provides a variety of curriculums including: GCSE, A-Level, Foundation, First year Undergraduate studies in Business and Pre-Masters courses.

Students interested in the Faculty of Medicine can pursue their medical studies at Bellerbys College through A-Levels. Students will be supervised and guided by qualified teachers as well as intern at a hospital in the UK to gain valuable, hands-on experience and knowledge. The school is dedicated to preparing students to enter university. Therefore, the school has an Oxbridge group, a group committed to preparing students interested in continuing their studies at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.

Curriculum and Qualifications

  • Pre-GCSE and 1 Year GCSE
  • GCSE Pathway Programme
  • A Level
  • Foundation Courses (Art and Design/ Business, Finance and Management/ Engineering/ Humanities/ Management and Computing System/ Law/ Science and Pharmacy/ Media)
  • Undergraduate Year 1 in Business and Management
  • Pre-Master Courses


The school is divided into four campuses: Brighton, Cambridge, London and Oxford. Each location offers a unique educational experience and each campus is located not too far from the city, allowing convenient travel to and from the campus.