New Brunswick International Student Program

New Brunswick International Student Program

Year Established : 1995
Curriculum : B.C. curriculum
Type : Co-ed
Day / Boarding : Day
International Student Support : Yes
English Preparation Program : Yes

Highlight / Special Features

New Brunswick opens its arms and brings students into  its  families  with  the  homestay  program.  Host families from around the province welcome students from abroad into their homes – not as foreign students, but as members of their families – and surround them with  a  safe,  caring  and  supportive  environment  to deepen their cultural experience. Trained Homestay coordinators carefully screen host families to ensure a perfect fit in homes where students will engage in family activities and grow lifetime relationships. The coordinators will always be on-hand with support to both  students  and  the  families,  and  take  an  active role in the students’ academic and social lives.

We are the largest of Canada’s East Coast provinces, but small enough to offer the best of all possible worlds. We have magnificent wilderness landscapes combined stunning coastlines. New  Brunswick encompasses rivers, pine forest, mountains and the Bay of Fundy, known for extreme tides and whale – watching.