Methodist Ladies’ College

Methodist Ladies’ College

CRICOS Provider Number : 00325A

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Address : 207 Barkers Rd., Kew, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3101

School Type : Girls’ Day and Boarding School


Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) is the oldest, largest and most famous girls’ only school in the state of Victoria. MLC was founded in 1882 and serves as a day school with optional boarding services. MLC is catered to providing students with a host of interesting subjects such as sports, arts, music and more to meet the demands and needs of each student. Most interestingly, MLC was the first school in the world to introduce the use of notebooks computers for teaching Year 5 – 12. Additionally, the school was the only school in the state of Victoria to only use Smart Cards as well. MLC is focused on learning and developing each student’s abilities to the fullest with the help and supervision of staff and faculty.


MLC is located in Kew, just 7 kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre. Traveling to and from the school or Melbourne’s city centre is convenient.

Curriculum and Qualifications

There are a variety of subjects taught at the school under the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). There are 80 interesting subjects for students to choose from. However, students have the option to pursue the Vocational Education Training (VET) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB).

Entry requirements for overseas students

For students who do not speak English as their primary language, students must take and pass the AEAS Test (which can be done at CETA) before enrolling into the school. English Language Support Additionally, the school provides international students with English as a Second Language (ESL) course to help improve the student’s English proficiency at school and better understand the education system also.

Pathways to University

Students are able to take a variety of courses aligning with their interests from the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Vocational Educational Training (VCE – VET) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB).

Academic Achievement / Other Notable Achievements

In 2012:

  • There were a total number of 2 students under VCE to achieve an ATAR score of 99.96 points.
  • 1 student under VCE achieved an ATAR score of 99.90 points.
  • 2% of students under VCE and VET achieved ATAR scores of more than 99 points.
  • 8% of students under VCE and VET achieved ATAR scores of more than 98 points.
  • 4% of students under VCE and VET achieved ATAR scores of more than 95 points.
  • 40% of students under VCE and VET achieved ATAR scores of more than 90 points.
  • 8% of students under VCE and VET achieved ATAR scores of more than 80 points.


The Tiddeman House is the school’s dormitory welcoming both local and international students. The dorm can easily house more than 100 students in its space. However, if students choose to stay with homestay families, the school can arrange and match the perfect homestay family for the student as well.

Support Services for International students

MLC is committed to helping students in all fields of study, including helping students with integrating with the school and society plus, providing students with in-depth career advice. Additionally, the school works closely with parents by reporting the student’s academic progress and providing suggestions, based on the student’s academic performance.