ACT Government School (Canberra)

CRICOS Provider Number – 00643J

Name of School – Canberra Government Schools

School Type – Co-educational School

Boarding/ other – Homestay

เว็บไซต์ –

Address – 51 Fremantle Drive, Stirling, Australian Capital Territory 2914, Australia


Canberra Government School is a coeducational school with approximately 43,516 students of which 661 are international students and 9 of these are Thai.

Curriculum and Qualifications

All schools are equipped with modern teaching materials. In the classroom there is an electric whiteboard and high speed internet access for students. The school also offers Virtual Learning opportunities which are used in daily teaching.

Educational Background

  • ACT Year 10 Certificate
  • ACT Year 12 Certificate
  • Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR)
  • Certificates in Vocational Education (Optional)
  • International Baccalaureate (Optional)
  • Cambridge Program (Optional)

Intensive English/ ESL Support

  • There is an English Language Preparation Center for International students, junior high school and high school.
  • There is an additional English lesson for International Students (ESL) is provided in all schools.
  • Moreover, for students with good English. Students can attend classes with local students.

Support Services for International Students

At each Canberra government school, there will be staff to coordinate and assist international students. ACT authorities also have specialized staff dedicated to maintaining the health and well-being of students in all schools which they are available 24 hours a day.