Before I went to United Kingdom to study, my English language in both writing and communication is poor. However, once I came back from United Kingdom, my English improved so much and I feel more confident to communicate in English.

N’ Kao Poon

Summer course at St. Michael’s College was so much fun, if there is another opportunity in the future I will definitely go to Summer Course with CETA again.


Staying in the boarding house has taught me to be independent, learn to adapt with the new environment and friends.


I was impressed with CETA staff who was our Group Leader, she was kind and take good care of all of us. Moreover, my buddy at school was very friendly too.


I really enjoyed every activities during the trip and I really appreciate the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world.


The experience I got from going to Summer Course in United Kingdom with CETA is unimaginable because the things I learn is not just the experience but it open my eye into a new world.


When in the classroom, I get to sit in and study with other English students and the teachers pays a lot of attention to their students.


It was very fun, I made new friends and improve my English language. The best part is my host family is very nice and kind, we are very close like family.


I really enjoy going with CETA on the Summer Course because I get to make new friends and learn to adapt and live with other people.