The Geelong College

The Geelong College

CRICOS Provider Number : 00142G

Address : PO Box 5, Geelong, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3220

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School Type : Co-educational, Day and Boarding

Philosophy – Special Features Brief history 

Geelong College is a private, coeducation school and is recognized one of Australia’s leading colleges. The school was founded in 1861 and has a long history of academic excellence. The school promotes a community-like environment, mixed with traditional values and modern technology. In addition to providing a solid curriculum, Geelong College encourages all students to participate in other non-academic activities such as arts, sports, music and more. As a result, students who successfully graduate from the school are confident young adults, achieving high test scores and are able to enter leading universities of their choice.


Geelong College is located in Geelong (an hour away from Melbourne) and it is Melbourne’s second largest city in the state of Victoria consisting of a population of 208,000 people. Geelong College is positioned in a safe environment, ideal for student, teachers and parents.

Curriculum Qualification

Geelong college offers 2 types of curriculums:

• Preparatory School, starting at age 3 to Grade 8.

• Senior School, Grade 9 to Grade 12 onwards. During Year 9 – 10, students will search for courses that will align with their interests.

Therefore, Geelong will determine all programmes and courses to ensure they meet students’ expectations. Students in Year 11 – 12 will receive intensive lessons from each subject, effectively enhancing their skills before university enrolment. Additionally, there will be extra teachers for each subject, extra courses and additional group work activities designed for Year 11 – 12.

English Language support

Students can study English as a Second Language (ESL) to improve their English proficiency. ESL classes are small and compact and are taught by experienced teachers.

Academic Achievement

The Geelong College has a successful record of academic achievements including students achieving high VCE scores and an overall score of 82.95 in ATAR in 2013. Additionally, an impressive 33% of Year 12 students scored more than 90.00 in ATAR in that year.


Geelong College provides students with boarding facilities, for girls and for boys. The rooms are light, comfortable and are furnished with necessities, including large common areas with kitchenettes and recreation areas. The boarding facilities hold as much as 100 students, including both local and international studies. The college places great emphasis on providing a safe environment for students to live comfortably while pursuing their educational careers at the college. There are on-site medical staff in case of emergencies as well as extra staff to help tutor students.