N’Luk Keaw

หนูพยายามติดตามข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับโรงเรียนผ่าน CETA บ่อยๆ ศึกษาข้อมูลการใช้ชีวิตเบื้องต้นและก็ฝึกภาษาอังกฤษไปด้วยในเวลาเดียวกันค่ะ 1

Name: Thanaporn Meekunthong (Luk Keaw)

School: Geelong Grammar School (Grade 7)

Questions about education system and living condition

  1. Pre-Departure Preparation
    I try to keep up with school information through the CETA about basic living information in Australia and boarding schools. As well as practice my English skills in the meantime.
  1. How did you feel when you first knew you were going to study in Australia?
    At first, I was very excited. I wanted to go right away but at the same time I’m also scared of being homesick and didn’t want to leave my friends and family in Thailand. So I was very confused but I know in the end that I wanted to go.
  2. Why did you want to study Abroad?
    I want to experience living abroad and studying in their education system. I want to try living in winter country and practice my English communication in everyday life.
  1. Why did you choose Australia?
    Because Australia seems like a country which are open to accepting international students and it seems easier to adjust to the people and their cultures. Moreover, I have interest in the different type of Animals in Australia.
  1. How did you choose the school?
    Firstly, I want to stay at Boarding School as I want to learn to adjust with different environment and people, it will also makes my parents happy as I will be surrounded by friends all the time and the safety level is higher.
  1. How is the Australian culture and lifestyle?
    Australian people give importance to sport, they exercise and play sports everyday. Besides sport, they also give importance equally to other noncurricular activities as studies and work. Moreover, Australian people are very kind, friendly and always ready to help you.
  1. How did you adjust to settle in with the culture and people in Australia?
    The most important thing is you have to be hard-working and always improve your English language always. You also have to be ready to accept new challenges and ready to face the difficult task.
  1. How are friends and environment at school?
    Friends at school are very friendly, fun, they take good care and always pay attention to you.
  1. Are there education system difficult?
    For Mathematics, it’s considered easy in you’re studying in Normal Level but if you’re in High Level it will be more difficult because it’s Math for High School students. As for other subjects, the content is not difficult but the language barrier is the challenge.
  1. How are the teacher’s teaching and support at school?
    Teachers are very kind, take very good care of us and always ready to help answer questions and help us with any problems. Moreover, Teachers are also a good listener and I’m very close to my teachers.
  2. Does the school support you in education and extra curriculum activities?
    Geelong Grammar School always have activities for us to participate. It is mandatory at School to perform music, sports and language enrichment activities. Throughout the week, for example, learning a musical instrument every Monday, practicing sports and competing every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday etc. Moreover, every Thursday there will be interesting activities that we can choose from such as table tennis, shooting, henna, jewelry and rock climbing. Every year, the school will have a Middle School Show or a stage show for middle school students to use the skills of performing and singing.
  3. What activities does the school provide their students? And do you often participate in any activities?
    At school, every student is required to participate in activities outside classroom especially Full Boarders we will get to do more activities than others. On Monday, I will get to practice Musical Instrument of my choice, Tuesday will be practice for sports for competition on Wednesday and Saturday, while Thursday we can choose our own after school activities such as henna, laser strike, jumping, marathon running and rock climbing.

Questions about Accommodation

  1. How is the Boarding house?
    The house I live in everyone are very close, with strict rules and a lot of other non-curriculum activities. Beside this, there are tutors assigned to each house to take care of students and help find activities for us to do which makes live in the boarding house more fun and convenient.
  1. How is the security system in Boarding House?
    The security system is considered good as the location around the boarding house is mostly housing of the teachers or school campus which restrict us from doing anything dangerous or break any rules. Moreover, there are good security system within the boarding house and once in a while there’s always rehearsal for fire alarm.
  1. How about the lifestyle in Boarding House and what adjustment did you have to make?
    We have to try to adjust ourselves to get along with the lifestyle of friends and always word-hard and do the best we can in everything.
  1. What did you learn from living in Boarding House?
    I learn to live with others, taking care of yourself when away from family and also learn something new and interesting all the time.


Other Questions

  1. How is Australian Education system different from Thai Education system?
    The Australian teaching system is very different from Thailand but in a very good way. Australian’s teaching is focused on learning to truly understand the content, the teacher pays close attention to all students. In addition, Australian learning is an easy way to learn and understand each subject.
  1. During your free time, what do you do on your holiday?
    We usually spend time with friends to do activities or homework. The activities we do often depend on the tutor who takes care of the house at that time. Therefore, we may be in the house doing homework, reading or watching movies or maybe we can go out for shopping, watching movies. Moreover, every year there are home activities like going out to the water park or go to a friend’s farm once a year.
  1. Do you feel homesick? How do you communicate with your parents?
    Yes, I feel homesick and miss home and everyone in Thailand. However, because the school has activities for us to do all the time, it makes it hard to miss home. I don’t often communicate with my parents because it’s not very convenient but whenever suitable I do try to keep in touch with them.
  1. What did you get from studying in Australia?
    My English language has improved and I also learnt Australian culture and living with others.
  2. Do you have anything to say or recommend to any who is thinking about going to study Abroad?
    To say that if you get the chance to study abroad, once in a life time it is a very good and challenging experience. So, if you have the opportunity to do so, do not miss that opportunity because it will give you a different way of living that you used to be. Moreover, you will get to improve your English language as well as learn new culture.
  1. What’s your life moto?
    I will tell you that my secret to success is not to give up because once you have passed all the challenges, it will be a better life than what you have before, it’s so worth it.