At first I was studying in Assumption then I went to study in United State for a while but I didn’t like it so I moved to Australia.

Name: Suppasan Suppamaneevisitsiri Nickname: Sun

Grade: Year 10 School name: The Kilmore International School

General questions regarding education system and living condition

  1. How did you prepare yourself?
    At first I was studying in Assumption then I went to study in United State for a while but I didn’t like it so I moved to study in Australia. However, before beginning my classes at The Kilmore International School I went to study language school for 2 months.
  1. How did you feel when you knew you were going to study abroad?
    I was excited and worried at the same time.
  1. Why did you decide to go study abroad?
    I feel that the education system abroad should be better than Thailand and I will also improve my English Language too. Moreover, for my future studies it will be easier to enter university in Thailand when you graduate from abroad.
  1. Why did you choose to go Australia?
    My mother’s friend sent their kids to study in Australia and they gave me recommendation.
  2. How did you choose the school?
    I look at the result of their Alumni and see which schools has strong Academic background. At first I thought I would apply for Caulfield Grammar or Wesley College but I applied late and they were already full, so I decided on The Kilmore International School instead because TKIS has language center in the school campus, no need to study language at other center before enrolling in the school.
  3. How is the Culture and Living standard in Australia?
    For me it’s different from the United States that the rules are stricter and it’s not very different from Thailand except the life style.
  1. In the beginning did you have any problem adjusting yourself?
    I had some difficulties adjusting myself in approaching teachers to seek help for some subjects. As for friends, they are really nice and friendly.
  1. What adjustment did you make to settle in with the culture and people in Australia?
    Manly in the classroom, I try to focus and pay more attention.
  1. How are friends and school environment?
    The environment at all is alright, the sport stadium is not the best but I like the weather a lot and Thai friends are really nice, they always help me and give me advice. Local friends are nice too but they will not interfere with you much if you’re not close to them.
  1. Is their academic difficult?
    It’s difficult as I study IB Curriculum and the subjects I chose are Commerce and
    Theory of Knowledge so there’s a lot of reading and writing.
  1. Are the teachers friendly and helpful to you?
    At school there will be tutorial session in the evening, 2 lesson a day for us to choose which subject we need tutoring. If you’re in younger years you can also choose sports instead of tutoring.
  1. Does the school have extra support about academic or hobbies?
    If you’re outstanding at any particular sport, they will send you to compete with other school. Moreover, school also have talent show for students to show their individual talents


Questions about Accommodation

  1. How is the Boarding house?
    In the 1st term I stayed in in the boarding house inside the school, this boarding house is for new students and students in the younger years. However, from 2nd term onwards they let you move out to another boarding house near school call Golf House, it’s located near golf course with nice environment but it’s a little far from school as on Saturday – Sunday I have to walk to school for my meals. However now I we move to another boarding house as they demolished the Golf House.
  1. How is the security system in Boarding House?
    The security is very good especially the fire system, for example when you shower with hot water and forgot to turn on the Air Ventilation, the fire alarm will go automatically go off. On weekday, the school have a rule that you’re not allow to be back into the boarding house after 7pm and whenever you leave the boarding house on weekend you must sign in and out with the reception.
  1. Does the teachers in Boarding House take good care of you?
    They are very kind and nice, but they always follow the rules strictly.
  1. What did you learn from living in Boarding House?
    Living in boarding house is very different from living at home because you have to do everything yourself from cleaning your room, linen change and wash clothes.


Other Questions

  1. How is Australian Education system different from Thai Education system?
    It’s very different, Australian education system is much better as subjects are less so I can focus more on each subjects and the best part is we can choose which subjects we are interested in and want to study.
  1. During your free time, what do you do on your holiday?
    During my weekend if there’s not activities host by school or boarding house then its free time so we can go out shopping or walk around in the city.
  1. Do you feel homesick? How do you communicate with your parents?
    I don’t feel homesick at all because usually I always call my parents through line call as the school has a new rule that they will keep student’s mobile phone after 10pm on Sunday – Thursday and students are allow to use mobile phone freely on Friday and Saturday night.
  1. What did you get from studying in Australia?
    I have become more grown up as I have to independent and take care of myself, the most important thing I got from studying in Australia is the improvement of my English Language.
  1. Are you planning your further study in Thailand or Australia?
    I plan to study Engineering at Thammasart University International College.
  1. Do you have anything to say or recommend to any who is thinking about going to study Abroad?
    I want tell everyone who is interested in going abroad to careful select the school that is suitable with your needs and wants. Once you decide to go, you have to try and adjust to the new environment.
  1. What’s your life moto?
    You have to be patient with everything, especially in your studies as it will take time for you adjust and get use to the system. Don’t overthink things and try to let go, however friends are always there for me to help listen and give advice whoever I have problems.