Kingswood School

Kingswood School

Address – Lansdown, Bath, BA1 5RG, United Kingdom

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School Type – Coeducation (with optional boarding)


Kingswood School was founded in 1748 by John Wesley, a person who is regarded as an influential figure in the 18th century. He was committed to the establishment of schools with academic excellence. The school encourage students to have a high understanding of what is being taught and develop a love for learning. This is because John Wesley realize and understand very well nurturing relationships that are filled with joy and generosity is an important and integral part of the learning process. Kingswood School places importance on religious and moral norms; for student to respect each other.

Curriculum and Qualifications

Kingswood School teaches GCSE and A-Level subjects to foreign students. Learning through activities that calls for courage, determination and self-reliance are encouraged. As such, the school offers many activities. Kingswood also monitors how its students have performed in the past to take into consideration how effective the courses are being taught. To ensure students receive the best education experience, communication and coordination between teachers and parents are given high importance.


Kingswood School is located in Lansdown neighbourhood at the town of Bath and 10-minutes walking distance from the city center. Heathrow and Gatwick Airport is approximately one and a half hour away.